Proviva is an independent winery founded in 2002 and based in Mendoza, Argentina.
We are dedicated to the study of some of the best terroirs in the region (Agrelo and Valle de Uco), growing grapes with agro-ecological practices (Organic and Biodynamic certifications by Demeter).

We practice a “non-intervention” winemaking with spontaneous fermentations, no manipulation and the use of sulphites only in minimum quantities (and only when really necessary): we want the winemaker’s hand to disappear behind the personality of the grapes, the soil and the season.

In Italy we are represented by da Elemento Indigeno.


Calle Baldini 16197, Agrelo
5509 Mendoza (Mendoza)

Knowing the territory, promoting biodiversity and establishing a relationship of collaboration and respect with the Nature that surrounds us: these are the fundamentals of our work as winemakers.

Last modified: 22 Jan 2022
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