Our company was born from the love for the territory, its peculiarities, its perfumes and its history.

Each fragrance is created based on the typical and natural scents of a salient point of the island of Procida and on the historical traditions that distinguish it. The simple but extremely elegant packaging is created unique for all fragrances. Each fragrance is distinguished by the colors of the writing, chosen on the basis of the characteristics of the perfume.

Our suggestions:

Limone, a typical product of the island of Procida. The perfume, obtained from this citrus fruit of the island, is dedicated to its entire territory.
Marina di Corricella, characteristic and romantic small port of fishermen.
Vivara, uncontaminated island with the typical Mediterranean scrub.
Graziella, nineteenth-century girl, who inspired the autobiographical novel by Alphonse de Lamartine.
Terra Murata, ancient vestiges overlooking the sea, kissed by the waves, caressed by the wind, and burned by the sun.





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