Our farm is a little family run company situated on the hills of Santa Luce, in the Pisa region, in the heart of Tuscany. It is active since 1950, when my grandparents bought Podere San Bartolomeo farm. Since then, our family produces high quality organic Extravirgin Olive Oil from typical Tuscan cultivars, and cereals, with which we produce, today as then, organic flours, organic handcraft pasta and artisan cookies made with ancient wheat.

From three generations we take care of the land we love, trying to respect its rhythms and needs. For this reason we promote biodiversity and choose to rediscover and cultivate the most valuable and ancient varieties of wheat and olives.

Every day we are committed to gather from our fields high quality, tasty and healthy products. In line with this goal we don’t accept compromises. We intend to maintain untouched the craftsmanship and  the naturalness of our extra virgin oil and of all our products.


Phone:+39 0508665103


Via San Bartolomeo, 19
56040 Santa Luce (PI)
italian extra virgin olive oil

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