In the medieval village of Castellaro, in the verdant Argentina valley, in the province of Imperia, just a few kilometers from the shores of the sea of the Riviera dei Fiori, hides a small green oasis, divided into several plots for about 10 hectares in total and consisting of several olive groves of about 1200 plants of ancient Monocultivar Taggiasca on 2.5 hectares of land.

Add to this a beautiful vineyard facing south-east between the hills of Castellaro and Pompeiana, in a sunny green valley bathed by a stream, and a smaller vineyard, almost hidden in the historic center of the village: the picture is complete.

In this wonderful oasis, the Donzella family has been producing Extra Virgin Olive Oil for over a century.

The production was increased about forty years ago, thanks to the enthusiasm of Paolo Donzella, who decided to recover the ancient family tradition in his spare time, rediscovering the love for the land and for the gifts it produces.
In these last years his daughter Elena has taken the reins of the business, she also returned to her homeland after a professional change.

A first level technical taster at the ONAOO, Elena has lavished commitment, passion and dedication on the diffusion of the Podere’s EVO oil, including typical products of the territory, such as olives in brine and pitted in oil, pesto with garlic and without garlic, olive pâté, jams with local fruits.

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