Centogiorni Pea is appreciated for its organoleptic properties such as the extreme sweetness and tender texture of the skin, even at the dry stage.

Its name is linked to the average duration of the production cycle. It is sown in open fields in October, often in intercropping with tree crops such as apricot and cherry, in some cases with vines, and should not be irrigated. The plants are climbers and need the support of a system of wooden poles and intertwined wires or nets. All stages are manual, from sowing (in single rows) to harvesting the fresh pods, which is long and gradual. Peas are eaten green, at the “waxy” stage, or dry, when the seeds take on a beige color.

Peas are one of the oldest legumes in the world. In the Vesuvian territory, they were a daily food already at the time of the Greeks, the Etruscans and the Romans. Over the centuries, farmers have selected different varieties, including the so-called “centogiorni” (the Hundred-Day Pea), cultivated in the Vesuvius area for at least a century.

Until the 1970s, this variety was widespread: in the Vesuvian area the area dedicated to Hundred-Day Peas was about 500 hectares. Then a gradual decline began: the market required more productive varieties, suitable for processing (frozen and canned peas) and mechanizable cultivation. The Hundred-Day Pea has survived only in family gardens. The seed has been handed down from generation to generation by a few farmers and is kept in the Germoplasma Orticolo Campano bank (the Regional Germplasm Bank).

The Presidium was created to save and promote this variety, currently grown in very small plots (for a total of about ten hectares) and to enhance the work of Vesuvian farmers.

In the kitchen is used like the ingredient for recipes well with meat dishes but above all with the king of Neapolitan cuisine: salted codfish. And of course they are the key ingredient of Neapolitan pasta and pea (the peas are cooked with onion and bacon before adding the classic tubes or mixed pasta).

Fresh peas
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