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The Pietrasanta farm is a small organic family business dedicated for three generations to the production of extra virgin olive oil, tomato puree and typical Apulian preserves.

The main points of our idea of agriculture are: respect for the environment, protection of biodiversity, enhancement of the territory. That’s why we grow in the fields located in the countryside of the Natural Reserve of Torre Guaceto native varieties such as:

  • Artichoke Brindisino
  • tomato Flask Slow Food Presidium
  • almond Tondina
  • the centuries-old olive groves of Ogliarola Salentina, from which we produce our monovarietal Karpene – Presidium Slow Food.


Phone: +39 338 1637917, +39 320 6439598


Via don Luigi Sturzo 60
72012 Carovigno (BR)
italian extra virgin olive oil

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torre guaceto fiaschetto tomato

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The love for one’s own land, the passion for one’s work and the dedication to do more and more to always reach a higher level of quality, these are the fundamental criteria of the Pietrasanta Farm of Carovigno (Brindisi).

Our small family-run business deals with the production and online sale of high quality Apulian extra virgin olive oil and the production and processing of typical products of the Apulian culture without preservatives and without citric acid.

Our goal is to obtain a product pleasant to the taste, but above all extremely healthy and genuine, the basis of our Mediterranean diet!

Last modified: 24 May 2022
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