Piemont Cioccolato

Piemont Cioccolato was born in 1948 in Turin, at the foot of Mole Antonelliana, the symbol of the city, initially as a laboratory of confectionary for the production of candies, pills and gumdrops.

Since the early Sixties, the laboratory is dedicated to the art of chocolate, of which Turin is one of the undisputed European capitals from 1600, digging up to the actual fame a typical product of the Turinese tradition: the Cri-Cri, a bonbon with a hazelnut heart inside, covered with dark chocolate an dusted with crunchy sugar spheres, that became the crown jewel of Piemont Cioccolato.

Since the second half of the Seventies, the property passed to the Fioraso brothers, that never gave up dedicating themselves to chocolate manufacturing with passion. Afterwards, the laboratory moves to between Turin and San Mauro, under another symbol of the city, the Basilica di Superga, renewing its own image, but preserving the link with the tradition of chocolate art and increasing the range of products becomes enriched over time and together with the traditional Cri-Cri.


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Via Gran Paradiso, 16/23
10156 Torino (TO)