Pasticceria Pezzaro - Tipical piedmont sweets dal 1914

Prestige of traditions” is a philosophy of the family that has worked for centuries. Archive documents prove that in 1576 Giò Pezzaro was already known as a professional baker in Ricetto (a small fortified area in a medieval Italian village) in Candelo, Biella (BI). At the beginning of the 1900s Giacomo Pezzaro relocated the shop in the eighteenth-century house in Cossato, where the artisan laboratory and the sales point are situated now. 

Riccardo, one of the present owners and heir of this incredible experience, improved the art and the secrets of chocolate production with Gustavo Pfatisch, well-known confectioner of trust for the embassies in Turin during the 60’s.  The typically family-run Pasticceria Pezzaro continues its activity according to the demand of the market, conserving not only a rich old collection of recipes, which provides a variety of exclusive ideas, but also strongly follows ancient handmade methods of production, and jealously preserves the old traditions of the local and Italian cuisine handed down from father to son. 

Thanks to these combinations of the taste and traditions, use of natural high-quality ingredients and services, the company received a Slow Food award Great Confetioners of Piedmont in 2003 and the important recognition of Region Piedmont Artisan Excellence in 2004 .




Via G. Mazzini, 86
13836 Cossato (BI)

The photos represent a selection of our artisanal production: Canestrelli Biellesi, Baci di Dama, Bottalini- ciccolatini biellesi, Crocanti del Ciavarin, Ossa da Mordere, Bicciolani di Vercelli, Amor del mattino latte-miele, Amor del mattino cereali.

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