The Torta Barozzi was invented in 1886 by Eugenio Gollini, owner of the pastry shop located in the historic center of Vignola.

At first it was  his “black cake”, then in 1907, when Vignola celebrated the fourth anniversary of the birth of its illustrious citizen Jacopo Barozzi, Eugenio Gollini decided that he would dedicate it to him. From that moment on it became the Torta Barozzi, a name now well known, which has been protected by a registered trademark since 1948. The trademark is owned by the Gollini pastry shop, which still produces it according to the ancient recipe, kept in the family workshop.

The recipe for Barozzi cake is secret, but its ingredients are clearly visible on the packaging: dark chocolate, almonds and peanuts, eggs, butter and sugar. It does not contain flour, so it is gluten-free, as well as without colorants and preservatives. There are 5 sizes: the Barozzina in the round package of 100 gr and the classic package in rectangular box of 400, 700, 900 or 1200 g. The Barozzi Cake is produced in a completely artisan way and is entirely handmade.

Our pastry shop also produces the Muratori Cake, prepared with top quality ingredients, without preservatives and colorants. It is a soft dough made with white almonds, sugar, eggs and butter, characterized by the absence of flour. The know-how of the master pastry chefs and the dosage of ingredients make it a soft and delicate cake with a unique taste. It comes in the classic ivory box and sold in packs of 100, 700 and 900 g. Created by Agenore Gollini in 1930, the Muratori Cake was later baptized with its current name by Eugenio Gollini Junior, in homage to the historian Ludovico Antonio Muratori, native of Vignola.


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