Pasticceria del Viale - Depetris... i Ciculaté

Depetris … i Ciculatè is a small reality in the Piedmontese confectionery sector, born within the Del Viale di Revello pastry shop in the province of Cuneo, a small town at the mouth of the Po Valley and at the foot of Monviso (the mountain best known as the King of Stone).

We are very attached to our land, so that we have dedicated our “Monviso Chocolate” to it: an Italian product, made with care and respect. We produce chocolate by looking for the finest cocoa beans in the world, then we work them in order to best enhance their characteristics, slowly giving the right processing and maturation time. We are chocolate masters (ciculatè, in our dialect) for passion, dedication and love of our craft, that’s why we have created this “food of the Gods” paying maximum attention to the elements of the territory that surround us and to which we belong. We used the local Luserna stone for the millstones of our mill (melanger), that we use to refine our chocolate, often composed by combining it with the fruits, flavors, aromas and colors of our valleys: the Ramassin of the Bronda Valley, the peaches of Revello, the small fruits of the Po Valley, the mountain honeys, the alpine flowers, the Langa hazelnuts ….

We are constantly evolving, always ready to study every detail in order to obtain a valuable, respectful and honest quality. Young by nature, respectful of traditions, inclined and attentive to the future.


Phone:+39 3515218005 / +39 3395381420 / 0175259144


Viale Umberto I, 19
12036 Revello (CN)

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Last modified: 19 Jan 2022
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