Monregalese Cornmeal Biscuits

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Cornmeal biscuits called paste di meliga, dipped in a glass of Barolo wine, were once the classic ending to a typical Piedmontese meal.

Though they are still found in all the region’s cafés, not to mention its pastry shops, they are never prepared as they used to be, immediately after kneading the bread dough, mixing wheat flour and cornmeal, butter, eggs and sugar (and sometimes lemon zest, vanilla or honey), then forming different shapes, circles, oblongs or half-moons.

The biscuits should be yellow, fragrant and crunchy, dissolving in the mouth, neither greasy nor sugary, with the graininess of the stone-ground cornmeal clearly perceptible.

Season: the product is commercially available throughout the year.


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monregalese cornmeal biscuits

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