We have been a family of oil millers since 1900. Five generations and more than one hundred years of life dedicated to the production of Taggiasca PDO extra virgin olive oil in Badalucco, in the western Ligurian Riviera.

Making oil is not just our job, it’s our passion and our life. We do it with the heart, always with the same smile and with the same attention. From the sea to the mountains, our olives grow caressed by the sea breeze and embraced by the trees of the forest. That’s how we are able to offer You the best oil from the best olives of Taggiasca variety.

Roi is a broad brand that ensures quality in every field. We produce:

  • PDO Extra Virgin olive oil 
  • Preserves and sauces such as pesto
  • Beer with Olive Leaves
  • Gin with Taggiasca olive


Phone:+39 0184 408004


Via Argentina, 1
18010 Badalucco (IM)