Tequila Ocho is a joint partnership between Carlos Camarenas, one of the most esteemed Maestros Tequileros whose family has been producing tequila since 1937, and Tomas Estes. He is a bartender and founder of Cafè Pacifico and La Perla Bars with a sincere passion for the agave spirits and the Mexican culture.

Ocho is a pure tequila with complex but, at the same time, round and balanced hints of agave.
Tequila Ocho has three ingredients: agave, water and “Meraki”, Greek word you can translate into the essence of yourself, the passion you put into your work that is both concept and ingredient.

Ocho is produced in La Alteña which is the first distillery that joined the “Bat Friendly Program”. Its main objective is to reintroduce the genetic diversity in the Blu Agave thanks to the bat pollination.


Phone:+39 0125 791104


Via Ribes, 3
10010 Colleretto Giacosa (TO)

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  • Ocho tequila is made from the eighth sample created by the Camarenas for Tomas Estes.
  • It takes an average of eight years for the agaves to ripen before being harvested
  • It takes about eight kilograms of agave to make one liter of Ocho tequila – very high versus industry average
  • It takes eight days from when the agaves reach the patio at the distillery until it becomes blanco (unaged) tequila
  • Carlos Camarena has eight brothers and sisters
  • The Camarenas are in their eighth decade of producing tequila.
  • Ocho Reposado is aged for 8 weeks and 8 days

Tequila Ocho is imported in Italy by Compagnia dei Caraibi.

Last modified: 23 May 2022
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