NPO Saitama Agricultural Support Team in Saitama supports the export of Japanese Sayama tea made by small family farmers. At present, we export high quality Sayama single origin teas made by 7 farmers.

We believe that the survival of small-scale farmers is also important in terms of preservation of agricultural and environmental diversity, maintenance of the local economy, and protection of cultural traditions.

The production area
Sayama is located in the northernmost part of Japan’s major tea-producing regions. This means that it is a harsh growing environment for tea trees that are native to the tropics. However in order to withstand the cold, the tea tree has thick leaves and stores enough nutrients in it to survive the winter. Therefore, Sayama tea leaves are leaves that store a lot of nutrients, and it is this natural environmental condition that produces rich-tasting tea.

Single-origin tea
Single-origin tea refers to a specific variety produced on a specific farm.
In the world of black tea, single origin tea has been adopted from early on – Darjeeling, Assam, Nergil, etc. are typical examples. In green tea there are various single-origins too, but until now blended green tea has been the mainstream in Japan. However, we noticed that there are many delicious green teas that have a distinctive character. Unfortunately, the amount of production is small, and it is very difficult to produce tea of ​​the same taste every year. However our company gathers seven young tea farmers, who are boldly challenging this difficult task.

Currently, we offer eight single-origin teas, leaves or tea bags:

  • Musashi-kaori
  • Sayama-kaori
  • Fukumidori
  • Toyoka
  • Yume-wakaba
  • Hokumei
  • Okuharu
  • Gokou




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