Nihonsakari is a sake brewery based in Nishinomiya, Japan. It is situated in the Hyōgo prefecture, that land is blessed with the perfect rice and water. To them, sake is joy: it connects person to person and humans to nature.

In the millenary world of sake, Sakari is a barely 130-years-old startup. Its young founders wanted to build the future of Japanese society through sake, with study and collaboration. The same spirit still moves them today. Sakari’s five founders are now remembered in the logo: five sake glasses that, meeting in a toast, create a Sakura flower.

Since 1913 we are official suppliers of the Imperial Household.


Nihonsakari is imported in Italy by Compagnia dei Caraibi.


Phone:+39 0125 791104


Via Ribes, 3
10010 Colleretto Giacosa (TO)

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Sake is an alcoholic beverage from Japan, made from rice, with an alcohol content around 15%.

It is brewed by nature and crafted by humans, but there is no sake without respect for nature. In fact, it is born out of simple and natural ingredients: water and rice. Next comes koji, that converts starch into glucose, allowing yeast to start fermentation, thus creating the product we love.

All of Sakari drinks are naturally vegetarian, gluten-free and preservatives-free.



They use miyamizu, subsoil water from the Rokko mountain that springs out in Nishinomiya. Its mineral content makes it a key ingredient for superior, clean and crisp sake.


The local rice is called Yamada Nishiki and it’s also known as “the king of sake rice”. It has a large grain and ideal characteristics for sake brewing.


Koji is the mold that allows the conversion of starch into glucose, a necessary precondition for fermentation. They utilize their own koji, that only exists inside the Sakari brewery.


They use different kinds of yeast in order to create the unmistakable aromas of our sakes.

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