We are a family-run mill located in Cossano Belbo (CN) in the Alba Langa area, birth place of the well-known writers Cesare Pavese and Beppe Fenoglio.

Since 1956 we have been producing flours (certified organic since 1997) both with cylinders (type 0 and type 00 flours) and natural stone, today we have 10 mills of this type.

We guarantee biodiversity throughout the supply chain: from the field to the mill. First we identify the areas of Italy where the cereal crops best develop on low yields per hectare, finally we mill each cereals following their intrinsic characteristics in order not to lose their nutritional properties and preserving flavors, aromas and colors of the flour.

All production is made on the demand in the name of freshness.


Phone:+39 014188129


Via Caduti per la Patria, 41
12054 Cossano Belbo (CN)