Mountain Partnership Products Initiative

The Mountain Partnership Products (MPP) initiative strengthens the resilience of mountain peoples, their economies and their ecosystems. Currently, the initiative operates in 8 countries and includes 20 products. 

It is a certification and labelling scheme based on environmentally and ethically sound value chain approaches, which promotes short, domestic value chains while ensuring transparency and trust between producers and consumers, fair compensation for the primary producers, conservation of agrobiodiversity and preservation of ancient techniques. 

The MPP label is a narrative label which tells the story of each product, enabling consumers to make informed purchases by learning about products’ origins and cultivation, processing and preservation methods, nutritional value and role in local cultures.  

The MPP initiative has created the first-ever international network of mountain-specific Participatory Guarantee Systems (PGS), committed to certify farming systems as ethical, fair and organic, as affirmed in the Ranikhet Declaration for a Global Mountain PGS Network published in April 2019. 

Key Facts 

  • 10 000 farmers involved (60 percent women) 
  • 13 producers organizations 
  • 20 products already carrying the MPP narrative label 
  • 8 countries involved: Bolivia, India, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Nepal, Panama, Peru and The Philippines 
  • Sales increase up to 49 percent 
  • Production increase up to 40 percent 
  • Selling price increase up to 25 percent 
  • Capacity development on production techniques and product development 
  • Training on entrepreneurship and marketing 
  • Preservation of mountain agrobiodiversity and ancient varieties 
  • New market opportunities for indigenous crop varieties 
  • 4 countries coming soon: Guatemala, Lesotho, Papua New Guinea and Rwanda


Mountain Partnership Secretariat UNFAO
Rome (RO)