Morzenti Daniele Farm

For several generations, Morzenti Farm has bred dairy bovines sticking to the peculiarity of the traditional method. Our herd can graze happy and free at the foot of Mont Blanc or on the beautiful meadows of Grand Paradis National Park.

Our high-altitude grazing lands (ranging from 700 msl to 300 msl) give our milk and the derived dairy products the typical flavour and scent of mountain flowers.

Since 2009, the Farm has been run by Daniele Morzenti who decided to add new craft products such as sweet sheep cheese and other aromatic dairy products that remind of the floral and herbal flavours of Aosta Valley’s mountains.

Our cheese is the outcome of a family-run business that pursues traditional breeding, preserving the eco-sustainability of the alpine environment. Our cheese – offspring of love and experience, unique in flavour and affinage – will favourably satisfy even the most demanding and refined palates.


Phone:+39 347 474 6630


Fraz. La Comba 2
11010 Aymavilles (AO)
  • Winter pastures with forage from Cogne

Sweet sheep cheese produced in winter with the forage of Saint Ours Meadows in Cogne. Raw milk, no ferments added.

  • Summer pastures flavoured with mountain flowers

Sweet sheep cheese made with Raw milk, no ferments added.

  • La vinaccia – Marc

Sweet sheep cheese made with raw milk, no ferments added. An intense wine flavour developed through affinage. Available every year from the end of December until stocks run out. Production limited to 200 cheese wheels a year.

  • Il Figlio dei fiori  (Hippie cheese)

An uncooked, small-curd sheep cheese —curd cutting is the size of rice grains.

It is left to rest for at least 100 days in wooden barrels in first-choice seedless flowers, a rarity indeed in the national dairy landscape which normally features affinage in more common herbs and leaves. Affinage in hemp conveys an intense and pleasant herbal scent.

On the palate, the herbal hints become delicate and mix with the fatty sweetness of sheep’s milk, thus giving birth to a new, balanced Hippie flavour!



We present our corporate vision through some images, in total respect of animal welfare

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