Mont Blanc Salumi was born in 2015 with a small production of cured meats, the result of an ancient family experience in meat processing: we have always transformed high quality and local raw materials.

Our products have the taste of some years ago, because we follow the family tradition and old Valdostan recipes, searched and studied with care.
At the same time we have aimed at the avant-garde in terms of technology and innovation, both in the plants and in the production processes.

On the territory we are present in Courmayeur and Morgex.




Via Trotterel, 8
11017 Morgex (AO)

After having studied for a long time the old recipes of the Aosta Valley tradition, we started our production with typical local products such as Lardo, Mocetta and Bouden.
Then, we have studied how to satisfy the taste of those who live in other regions of Italy by means of a real local etaste experience… And finally, after many and long tests, we have come to produce our niche product, which combines all the tastes, flavours and scents of our wonderful Aosta Valley: the Salame di Mocetta.

Made for you:

  • Lard: in brine with only natural ingredients and spices for a minimum of 90 days.
  • Flaked lard: our lard in a jar, convenient and practical to spread on hot black bread and accompanied with hot chestnuts and honey
  • Mocetta: once made with chamois meat, today with beef flavoured with natural flavours and spices, left to dry and then seasoned for a long time
  • Rosa valdostana: a salami with an ancient taste, with beef and pork meat
  • Salame di Mocetta: a new and original salami, with beef and all the typical Aosta Valley tastes, flavours and aromas

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