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Migliori is a family by generations involved in the agribusiness, always trying to evolve at the same time of the market development. We are testimonials of local gastronomy and traditions in Ascoli Piceno.

Ascolan olives: The term Ascolan olives or Ascoli olives refers to a recipe based on pitted, stuffed, breaded and ready-to-fry olives whose origin is probably attributed to the Ascoli aristocracy of the mid-1800s.

The origin: It is believed that the first Ascoli olives were born by mistake, or rather they came to the mind of a private chef from a noble Ascoli family, from the need to disguise and re-propose the roast left over from a lavish banquet. This new dish aroused so much surprise that it soon became a source of pride and spread like wildfire even among the people, becoming the symbol of the party, especially wedding, and then affirming itself with economic well-being from the 1960s onwards as the Sunday dish in family.
Try listening to any Ascoli to ask him which is the best stuffed olive in the city, and the answer will undoubtedly be “la liva de mammma!” (or “de grandma!”), or “Mother’s or grandmother’s olive”.

Our recipe: Nonna Maria, born in 1915, coming from a family that owned an oil mill in our hills, was certainly one of the first housewives to try her hand at the preparation of Ascoli olives, and certainly as a young man she would never have imagined that one day her recipe could be become the basis of a real job for his children and grandchildren. Grandma Maria’s recipe boasted (and boasts! It is the same one we use today!) Of ingredients of great value, such as Parmigiano Reggiano DOP aged at least 30 months and prime quality beef and pork.

The intuition struck his son Nazzareno, known as “Zè lu pullare”, who until the 1980s had limited himself to tasting “mom’s olives” at home on days off from the roast chicken trade. Having started the promising gastronomy in the heart of the city in 1985, among all the new recipes of cooked foods he proposed the Ascoli olives that immediately showed that extra edge as take-away food. The intuition, to say the least futuristic, was to offer them in the foil, transforming them from a great second dish on festive days into a sumptuous street food to be enjoyed while walking around the city.  Since from 1985 Zè Migliori started to sell the stuffed olives on a yellow paper cone, named “cartoccio”.

The work grew and Ze had remained in love with the olive made as his mother made it, with the green “Ascolana tender” olive, the native cultivar of the Ascoli Piceno valley, well know since the Roman Age for the delightful taste, but by the time it has become very hard to find the real ones. How to convince the farmers not to plant it and replace it with varieties that are easier to grow and more productive? A system was needed to make it clear to everyone immediately how the variety of the place tasted superb. Thus began, with the collaboration of important Ascolan personalities including farmers, oil millers and former officials of the European Commission, the journey towards the Ascolane Olives of Piceno PDO in 2005.


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