Mia Poesia is the brand of Raffaeli1899 farming company.
Since 120 years we produce extravirgin olive oil from our own lands with various international awards, then wheat, vegetables and fruits; our work is characterized both by sensitivity on the field and attention to the latest tecnology.

Our lines:

  • Filtered and destoned Extra Virgin Oils by local cultivar, and flavored EVO
  • Artisanal pasta from our lands
  • Hand-made preserves  and sauces
  • Oven baked traditional products (as taralli) and EVO based sweet spread creams.

Our operating centre is in the northern Puglia, at Cerignola (Foggia), while the logistical and commercial centre is in Piemonte, at Susa (Torino). We are always looking for new commercial agents and distributors for the Italian and the international market: welcome to Mia Poesia family!


Phone:+ 39 3357745948


SS. 544, 10
71042 Cerignola (FG)

Last modified: 24 Jan 2022
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