The MIT – Itinerant Earth Market Gabriele Marrangoni was born as a constructive, regenerative and curative response to the wound inflicted on communities in central Italy by the earthquake that swept them away between 2016 and 2017.

In those sad days a small group of farmers and breeders of Teramo meet and realize that in addition to the misfortune of that time they have in common a great strength, a passion derived from a profession, that of the farmer, chosen not only as an economic activity but especially as a lifestyle in harmony with nature.

This is how the MIT was born, as a project to enhance family agriculture, to promote the values, as well as the products, of the Earth, to spread a healthy lifestyle respectful of man and the environment.

Over the years, MIT has organized numerous initiatives including: farmers’ markets in various locations in the Abruzzo region; collaborations with local and international organizations and associations such as Emergency, Slow Food, Zero Waste, WWOOF Italy, Riserva dei Calanchi di Atri; community markets in private spaces; aperitifs and snacks. It has also hosted many producers from different locations, all of them sharing a small-scale agriculture conducted without the use of synthetic chemicals and attentive to the eco-sustainability of choices (eco packaging, low environmental impact processing, plastic free markets).

Today, although with the limitations of the moment, MIT continues to guarantee the local community a varied offer of healthy, fair and clean food, privileging contactess deliveries to ensure maximum safety, reaching the territory in a capillary way, offering a small window on the farming world to those who are not lucky enough to live its beauty and opportunities.



Phone:+39 3333450795


on the move (Teramo)
  • Ancient Abruzzese Grains
  • Cheese made with raw milk from cow and goat
  • Honey
  • Hemp products
  • Cheese made with raw milk from Atri
  • Fresh vegetables and preserves
  • Extra virgin olive oil of local varieties
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Essential oils
  • Herbal teas
  • Craftsman’s pasta
  • Bread with sourdough
  • Biscuits
  • Fruit preserves of ancient varieties
  • Fruit juices

Last modified: 06 Dec 2021
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