Our prestigious company is based on a land historically devoted to the manifacturing of buffalo dairy products since the early 1900s. Masseria Lupata (or Lupata Fam) is situated in a wonderful place, between the harbor and the wall of the ancient city of Paestum, now one of the UNESCO World Heritage.
Founder of this company, expert in farming and dairy farming, Vincenzo Barlotti renewed the old structure and called it “Lupata” from the next source.

Here mozzarella and all the dairy products are made exclusively with selected buffalo milk, supplied by the best breeders of the area. The superb mozzarella is made from raw paste milk, spun in round shapes of different sizes and different weight, starting from 20 grams of the icing, to go to nibble of 50 and 100 grams, to the classic mozzarella from250 grams, to the “Aversana” from 500 grams, to the braids of mozzarella of various sizes, up to the “Zizzona” from 1 kilogram and over.
We also produce other precious dairy specialties, all from buffalo milk, such as ricotta, Scamorza, Caciocavallo and smoked Provola (smoking is strictly made with the ancient method of burning the straw).

Masseria Lupata is also known as a Slow Food friendly restaurant, supporting the good, clean, healthy food: in our Ritrovo, near the walls of the ancient city of Paestum, You can taste our products and other typical food of Cilento. You can also visit the farm to follow the traditional homemade spinning process or the handmade knotting of the mozzarella.


Phone:+39 0828722002


Via Porta Marina, 29
84047 Capaccio Paestum (SA)

Mozzarella and homemade buffalo milk products

Last modified: 19 Jan 2022
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