Masseria la Ghianda was born in 2013, in the countryside of the town of Santeramo in Colle.
Its origins as an agro-livestock farm date back to 1930 and since then, over the years, the generations of the Sette-Digregorio family have cultivated their crops and livestock with love and sacrifice, until today.
Our farm boasts a breeding of about 100 heads of dairy cattle and 50 fattening calves, as well as sheep, pigs, and animals of low court (chickens and rabbits, geese, guinea fowl, etc. …); and covers an area of about 50 hectares of arable land for fodder and cereals, as well as another 3 hectares for legumes typical of the area (see Cece Nero lisciaio della Murgia Barese, Cece Rosso lisciaio della Murgia Barese, cicerchia, etc. …), and 7 hectares of trees (Olive, Almond, Cherry, various fruit trees).
In 2013, as a result of the immense attachment to our “Earth” and our “Traditions” of the Murgia, Masseria la Ghianda was born, in compliance with the EU regulations of Organic, a project of short supply chain km. ZERO, whose name is inspired by the fruit of the oaks, which are a symbol of our territory.
For us it is not the quantity, but the quality (understood as genuineness, typicality and hygienic-sanitary safety) of our products that counts, and this philosophy has been rewarded one year after the start of the short supply chain, with the winning of a national competition of over 400 “ALMA CASEUS” cheeses, supported by ALMA (High School of Italian Cuisine of Gualtiero Marchesi), with a Provolone of sheep’s milk aged 14 months; lastly, in December 2015 we were officially recognized by the SlowFood Foundation, as producers of the “Pallone di Gravina” Presidium, and we guarantee that these are only the first fruits of our journey, supported by the deep love and respect for the territory, its infinite resources, and the Ancient Local Traditions.
For example, since 2013 we have recovered the cultivation of ancient, very valuable varieties of local legumes such as the black chickpea and Rosso Liscio of our Murge, which can be said to have disappeared from the market due to the impossibility of their harvesting by means of machines such as harvesters.
Obviously also our cold cuts are produced exclusively from self-reared animals and are processed “al naturale”, that is without the use of thickeners, dyes, preservatives…. just as it was done in the past, inside plants that allow us to recreate the autumn-winter microclimate that in the past was naturally in the barns, in that period.


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