Slow Food Presidium

The farm Trappéto di Caprafico, founded in early 1874, acquired this name in 1948 when the company was equipped with an oil mill (here called trappéto), thanks to the founder of the modern activity, Tommaso Masciantonio.
The 40-hectare farm is located in Caprafico in the municipality of Casoli in the province of Chieti, at the foot of the Majella National Park.

The Maiella massif with its uncontaminated nature, affects the climate and the nature of the land of the farm Masciantonio creating a climatic and soil oasis, at an altitude of 500 meters above sea level, particularly suitable for the cultivation of ancient varieties of olive trees such as Gentile di Chieti, Intosso – Slow Food Presidium, and Crognale. The olive trees are number 5000 and have an age ranging from 60 to 130 years.

Since 2004 the farm is in biological regime on the whole surface.

The harvest begins indicatively (strongly influenced by the veraison of the drupe) in the first ten days of October and then end in November, the harvest is carried out by mechanical means.
The company is equipped with an innovative continuous cycle mill since 2009, the olives immediately after returning from the field are defoliated and pressed.
The storage takes place at a constant temperature (18° C), in stainless steel containers saturated with nitrogen, to preserve the oil from oxidation.

The farm produces:

  • ORGANIC DOP extra virgin olive oil
  • lemon, orange and citron oils, made by milling fresh olives and citrus fruits from our land
  • oils flavoured with basil, chilli, garlic and chilli pepper, mushrooms, also made with fresh farm products

The farm is also composed of 12 ha of vineyards on the property, whose grapes are processed in Abruzzo Pecorino Superiore Bio-Doc and Montepulciano D’Abruzzo Bio-Doc at the winery.


Phone:+39 0871/897457


C.da Caprafico, 35
66043 Casoli (CH)
casoli intosso olive

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