The Organic Farm Maria Giulia Scolaro, in Liguria, is called “The Garden Company“, since fruit plants and syrup roses are inserted into a set of fine ornamental trees and shrubs. In Spring the blooms explode with Japanese cherry, peonies, viburnums, coires, bulbous, leaving room in June for the magnificent muscous and wrinkled roses with their  fragrant petals (used to produce the syrup and preserve it), until Autumn with its wonderful foliage and the harvesting of fruits.

There are also ancient cultivars of fruit trees, as apple, quinces, pears as well as persimmons, kiwis, grapes, apricots, cherries, cherries, etc. along with exotic fruits such as the Asimina Triloba, called pow pow from native Americans, or Nashi and Capullì. There are berries, aromatics and vegetables in the garden, all with organic certification, both in terms of cultivation and for the transformation, which takes place in the personal laboratory, where Rose Syrup – Slow Food Presidium is produced, preserves of rose or violet petals, wisteria and other flowers and still fruit jams, juices and other syrups.

The company’s flagship is Rose Syrup, 100% Certified Organic, subject to the controls by the Certification Authority, for this reason it uses private spring water not containing chlorine but disinfected with UVA ray lamp, sugar and organic lemons.

Rose syrup is an ancient Genoese tradition and is a product that lends itself to numerous uses: summer quenching in fresh water, beer or wine as an aperitif, warm in winter; on ice cream, yogurt, cottage cheese, cooked pans, puddings, cakes and fruit salads, as well as to make sorbets, granites, popsicles. Rose syrup also has numerous properties such as diuretics, anti-inflammatory mouth and airway and is perfect for children not containing preservatives, dyes and other chemical additives.

The jams, perfect for breakfast or snacking, are also particularly suitable to combine with cheeses and are prepared absolutely without the use of thickeners. Among the most suitable jams for meat or cheese pairings are the red onion jam, quince, strawberry grape jam, apple and/or cinnamon pear jam, chutney and of course Rose’s and many more.

The company has also had particular regard for the environment by installing solar panels for both electricity generation and hot water production.

The company has also been part of the The Flavors of the Antola Park circuit since 2008. We offer You:

  • shop directly at the company, (you also make shipments and deliveries throughout Italy)
  • to plan visits of the garden and the laboratory, where Maria Giulia explains how the transformations and preparations of its products
  • to reserve tastings, aperitifs and snacks based on its products, to be taken in the most complete relaxation on the lawn, in the open air, in accordance with safety regulations
  • Contact:?+393498699372 also WhatsApp, ✉️

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