Macelleria dell’allevatore

Slow Food Presidium

The butcher’s shop was opened in 1990 based on an idea of my father and uncle, who, along with myself, raised pigs and the Chianina breed of cattle, which we originally sold to other butchers. Since then we have been preparing and selling meat both from our own stock and from other local breeders. I personally select the livestock, which have been raised in conditions that respect the animals’ welfare, in large open spaces and fed with feed and fodder produced on the farm.

We now belong to the Slow Food organisation with our Mazzafegato sausage, traditional to the Upper Tiber Valley, which we make using an ancient recipe.

In our salt cure laboratory we season all of our cured meat products without the use of preservatives or dyes, but instead following the methods handed down through generations. This includes typical hams that are left to mature for 22 months to the classical salamis and capocolli, and the lombetti (pork loins) and sausages. These are all then packaged in oil to preserve and later enhance the excellent quality of our products.

Always in keeping with the times, we try to improve our skills and our products in order to continually provide our customers with the best of the best.


Phone:+39 075854199


Via Migliorati 16 - Bivio Canoscio
06018 Città  di Castello (PG)
upper tiber valley mazzafegato

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