Luigi Spertino Farm was born at the end of the nineteenth century in the Asti province. The company was brought ahead, from generation to generation, throughout the years, until nowaday.

In 2003 Mauro Spertino started working alongside his father Luigi. Nowadays he has introduced the production of wine from the grapes grown by natural method in the farm’s vineyard. According to Mauro, wine is a living material with a long history behind and the farmers are the main players. Viticolture is based on the respect for the territory and its traditons, as well as on an essential sensibility about the environmental sustainability.

The philosophy of the company is summarized in a motto: To respect the land and to preserve the talent of being a dreamer”.  Into the vineyards, people work only with their hands, all the operations are made manually. We always strive to be as less impactful as possible on the soil, in order to obtain an healthy fruit and to leave the soil itself complete with all the important microorganisms which inhabit inside.





Phone:+39 0141959098


Strada Lea, 505

Our wines and a cardboard made by Marina, Mauro Spertino’s daughter.

Last modified: 03 Dec 2021
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