Born in 1992 from the dream of two friends who are passionate about the olive tree, initially as a farm and since 2002 also as an oil mill, Lucchi e Guastalli was the first to obtain the Riviera Ligure DOP certification and the first in Liguria to use green technology, characterized by the absence of oil waste.


In fact, as a natural laboratory for the introduction of new technologies for Liguria, the oil mill recycles the oil by-products: the olive kernel is recovered and destined for heating, while the pomace is sent for the production of electricity at biogas plants.


The company produces oil, wine and honey, thanks to its 20 hectares of terraced land, divided into several plots, located in the municipalities of Riomaggiore, Santo Stefano di Magra and Vezzano Ligure. Land management, implemented through controlled grassing, is aimed at maintaining natural fertility and preventing erosion.

The company applies integrated phytosanitary defense techniques, through the priority application of organic farming methods, also to protect the health of bees.

  • The hives are located in the area of ​​the Cinque Terre National Park, and offer, among others, the rare production of heather honey.
  • The olive groves are DOP Riviera Ligure certified, with a prevalence of Razzola olive, the main variety of the Riviera Ligure DOP cultivated in the area.
  • The wine production is mainly based on indigenous white and red vines.


The company carries out cultural and educational activities on olive oil, courses for tasters, guided tours of the olive groves and the production plant, conducted by Marco Lucchi, Panel Head of the APOL of Genoa.
The link with the territory is something very strong indeed: in fact, the Lower Lunigiana, crossed by ancient communication routes such as the Consolare Aurelia and the Francigena, is characterized since ever by the cultivation of olives.

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Via Vincinella, 13/6
19037 Santo Stefano di Magra (SP)


Different types of oils, conventional and organic, fine Italian varieties, enhanced as monovarietals or as new olive trees, combined in the right proportion to create original products suitable for different types of dishes. In particular, the company has chosen the path of enhancing the native Razzola olive, certified DOP Riviera Ligure.


Cinque Terre honey is produced in a natural environment free from chemical conditioning, an oasis where the beauty of Nature is integrated with the manual work of Man.


The creamy sauce, symbol of Ligurian gastronomy, produced according to the classic recipe protected by the Liguria Region, whose basic ingredient is the Genoese Basil PDO, recognizable by the Consortium brand on the label. It is made by cold mixing the ingredients without any heat treatment. Preservation is ensured by vacuum sealing and acidification with natural products.

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