In Tiglieto the particular climatic situation favors the cultivation of berries in a traditional way without chemicals, both in fertilization and plant protection, obtaining a healthy, genuine and particularly tasty product.

Our productions are seasonal. The product is harvested at the right point of ripeness and daily processed and distributed in order to better taste and smell.

In the company’s laboratory with berries, fruits and vegetables we prepare tasty and excellent delicacies.
A careful processing system allows us to keep intact all the properties and fragrance of the freshly harvested products.

Different and varied blooms allow the laborious activity of our bees to produce small quantities of monofloral honey.


The company is in compliance with EEC Reg. 1306/2013 for organic farming.



Phone:+39 3478481507


Via Bolla, 7
16010 Tiglieto (GE)