We are a farm in Piedmont, since 1997 we grow organic vegetables and fruits.

We take care of about fifteen hectares to offer our customers the best fresh and processed products, with a particular attention to the territory in which we live. The many varieties we cultivate are inserted in the landscape following a careful rotation plan, without forcing and respecting the local seasonality.

In our fields there is always room for nature, crops are alternated with meadows, hedges and groves, and we like to think that in this way we protect the environment , which is everyone’s heritage.

The delicious preserves we cook follow traditional recipes and enhance the authenticity of our crops.

Our agritourism service is added to the productive activity and makes the most of our work.


Phone:+39 3471601986


Via Trinità, 4 - Fraz. Loreto
12045 Fossano (CN)

Cultivating the land to reap its fruits is the essence of our work.

We love nature and country life, we like good food and we want to do our part to build a better world.

Last modified: 19 Jan 2022
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