Founded in 1971, l’Olivicola Casolana is a cooperative of olive growers who produce both table and oil olives.

Initially it was born producing green olives in brine in the local Intosso variety. Since October 2016, our Intosso olive has been recognized as a Slow Food presidium and we market it both as a green olive, brine and as extra virgin olive oil.

Currently, we produce:

  • green olives in brine variety Intosso, processing with the Seville method with a unique taste (awarded Gran Menzione at the Monna Oliva competition quality in 2015).
  • extra virgin olive oil in bottles of ml 100, ml 250, ml 500 and ml 750, 5 lt. cans and handcrafted ceramics of ml 500: cultivar Gentile di Chieti, Leccino, Intosso and various.
  • Colline Teatine PDO oil in bottles of 500 ml and 750 ml: cultivar Gentile di Chieti (60%), Leccino (30%), various (10%)
  • Bio oil in bottles of 250 ml, 500 ml, 750 ml and 5 lt. cans: cultivar Gentile di Chieti, Leccino, Intosso and various.
  • Bio-PDO oil in bottles of 500 ml: cultivar Gentile di Chieti, Leccino, Intosso and various.
  • Intosso monovarietal oil from Slow Food Presidium in 500 ml bottles and 5 lt. cans: Intosso cultivar.
  • Gentile di Chieti monovarietal oil in 500 ml bottles: cultivar Gentile di Chieti.


No flavorings are used but fresh ingredients for the lemon, orange and garlic seasonings; dried for the dressing truffle, basil and chilli, all of which are locally produced.

Over the years we have been awarded several times at Sol, Sirena d’Oro di Sorrento, Slow Food, Biol, L’Ercole Oliario, National Review of Monovarietal Oils, etc.

We processes many customized products for several companies, such as Fantini Vini, Cantina Velenosi, Cantina Spinelli, Cantine Mucci, D.a.c., and others

We export to England, Denmark, Germany, Canada and the USA.

Since October 2016 we have been IFS and BRC certified.


Phone:+39 0872 982 248


Via Piano Laroma, 3
66043 Casoli (Ch)
casoli intosso olive

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The olive groves of the 125 olive growers members of our cooperative are geographically located both in the area adjacent to the Maiella National Park and within it, that is to say in a privileged uncontaminated environment, that is almost unmatched elsewhere.

The altitude, the particular characteristics of the soil and the warm Abruzzo sun create that special microclimate that gives the fruit its ripening, ideal for obtaining oil and table olives of the highest nutritional and sensorial quality.

The Casolana olive grove produces 100% organic extra virgin olive oil, dressings with extra virgin olive oil and various types of table olives.

Last modified: 27 Jan 2022
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