The Liguria Region is strongly committed to the support of the agricultural and food sector through the promotion and enhancement of typical and quality productions.

A land squeezed between the mountains and the sea, it does not give in quantity, but in quality, jealous guardian of natural and cultural beauties, of an agricultural and gastronomic heritage connected with the peculiarities of the territory of origin.

A biodiversity that, from the field, is transferred to the table, in the dishes of the maritime and peasant tradition, a wealth that must be protected because it risks disappearing from the experience of our territory, as it is constantly eroded by the flattening and globalization of taste.

Among the excellences, Liguria offers 19 DOP and IGP of which about half “protect” the wine production: vines overlooking the sea from which derive white, red and dessert wines of great quality.

The undisputed protagonist is Genoese Basil PDO which together with pine nuts, oil, garlic, grana cheese, pecorino cheese and salt gives life to the internationally renowned Pesto.

It is impossible to think of Liguria without talking about olive trees, olive groves, oil, with its clear and delicate color, also mentioned by the Protected Designation of Origin and the sea which offers excellent and valuable fish: molluscs, mussels, crustaceans and of course blue fish. The salted anchovies, whose preservation technique dates back to the Middle Ages, obtained the IGP mark in 2008.

The tourist reception goes side by side with the traditional cultivation of the land and offers farmers the opportunity to diversify and integrate their work with educational and popular activities in the field of food education, helping to form individuals more sensitive to the “natural” rhythms of the earth.

This is witnessed by a European project, TerrAgir3, of the Italy-France Maritime program, a synergy between institutions, companies and operators that promote the territory, creating a real network of experiential tourism companies, to offer a special welcome, dedicated to those who want to actively live Liguria, transforming themselves from simple tourists into protagonists; learning how to pick, for example, olives, make pesto, rebuild the precious dry stone walls, preserve salted anchovies and much more on

An obligatory mention goes to the fruit and vegetable industry, oriented towards typical and quality crops, such as beef heart tomatoes, spiny artichokes, Albenga violet asparagus, citrus fruits, apricots and, in the more inland areas, potatoes. Liguria is also known for its floriculture, which besides offering flowers, succulent plants, gladdens the palate with aromatic plants and edible flowers, giving color and poetry to the Ligurian cuisine which has always been famous for its essences, lavender syrups and rose petals.



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