Ustica Lentil

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Agriturismo Pagliuzzo is an organic farm that produces the renowned Lentil of Ustica and Fava of Ustica, both Slow Food Presidia, but at the same time is a farm that offers hospitality to tourists in independent vacation homes located in the center of the farm.


Immersed in the countryside of Ustica island, a few minutes from the sea, with villas and vacation homes, Agriturismo Pagliuzzo is ready to welcome you for long moments of relaxation between sea and countryside. The harmonious colors of the sunsets and the sounds of nature of a timeless island will give you a unique feeling of freedom and peace.

Then, in the houses and villas of the farmhouse you can immediately breathe a family atmosphere, feel pampered and enveloped not only by the kindness of the hosts, but also by the ancient flavors of organic products from our garden: from tomatoes to eggplants, onions, garlic, melons, grapes, capers, and more.


Phone:338388772 oppure 3296012386


Contrada Tramontana snc
90051 Ustica (PA)
ustica lentil

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Ustica Lentil

Since 2000, the Ustica Lentil is a Slow Food Presidium and represents one of the excellences of Sicilian and national agriculture.
They are the smallest lentils in Italy, a local ecotype whose seed has been handed down from the 18th century to the present day, even arriving in space as an ingredient in astronauts’ soup. And this thanks to its exceptional organoleptic properties.

Thanks to the generosity of the volcanic soil of Ustica, the lentil acquires an inimitable aroma, texture and taste, with colors ranging from light brown to reddish, very tender and rich in beneficial proteins.

Cultivated using ancient techniques, in an organic way and with great care (and passion), in total respect of the environment and nature, the Lentil represents a great source of pride for all the islanders.





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