Slow Food Presidium

Le Selve di Vallolmo is a farm located in the eastern part of Tuscany, inside the uncontaminated National Park of Casentino’s Forests.

Claudio Orlandi is the founder of this company dedicated to pig farming: his passion drive this beautiful but even tiring activity, together with all his family members, who follow the short production chain. The farm lead all the processes of the activity: pig’s birth, feeding and breeding, meat’s transformation and finally product’s marketing. The farm breed even the pig called Grigio del Casentino, a local breed that is a first cross between the White Pig and the pig called Mora Romagnola or Cinta Senese. The pigs grow up inside fenced extended forests lands and they eat undergrowth’s products, like chestnuts and acorns, and in some periods the food is supplemented by cereals.

The farm produce different kind of cured meats, sausages and fresh meats with Casentino’s pig meat. The most famous product is Prosciutto del Casentino, that it’s a Slow Food Presidium. The company’s mission is the to reach the highest quality of the final product. And the secret of the final quality is the quality of meats.


Phone:+39 0575550085


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