The Lavazza Group and sustainability
The Lavazza Group is driven by a profound sense of responsibility towards all the communities in which it operates, from those of coffee producers to those that the various Group companies support in their respective countries. For this reason it has defined an articulated program of activities to involve them, in order to create shared value and generate a positive impact on a social, economic and environmental level.

Coffee is a product of the earth and the farmers who grow it represent the basis of the supply chain that leads from the bean to the cup. The Group therefore attributes fundamental importance to producing communities, to which it dedicates a series of projects to promote socio-economic growth through sustainable agriculture, in the belief that the culture of coffee represents a lever for development, as well as a means to build a new and more balanced relationship with the environment.

The Lavazza Foundation
The Giuseppe and Pericle Lavazza Onlus Foundation, founded in 2004, has over the years come to have 24 projects in 17 countries and 3 continents, benefiting over 97,000 coffee growers. The common goal of the programs is the development of sustainable entrepreneurship that generates the consequent improvement of the living conditions of the entire community.

The Foundation supports the autonomy of local communities through the enhancement of women’s work and the involvement of new generations. It promotes good agricultural practices to improve crop yield and coffee quality and proposes the introduction of technological tools to counter the effects of climate change. The projects also focus on the diversification of productions, to combat the impoverishment of the soil, and on reforestation, to favor the conservation of the ecosystem.

The implementation of all these activities is entrusted to local operators, such as agronomists, trainers and institutions, to facilitate the involvement of the producing communities and build relationships of trust between those involved.


Calendar Lavazza 2021  – The New Humanity

After six years dedicated to environmental sustainability, the Lavazza 2021 Calendar now poses the “individual” at the center, to emphasize the important issue that the pandemic has exposed to our eyes: social sustainability. This is the starting point of an artistic project by Lavazza: The New Humanity 2021 Calendar; composed by 13 masters of photography and six cultural ambassadors, it presents a new vision of humanity by offering a collection of original artistic contributions from outstanding exponents in the world of photography, but also music, poetry, design, architecture and social activism.

The New Humanity 2021 features a calendar and a magazine, for the first time available to the public worldwide in a limited edition under a fund-raising project in support of Save the Children, the NGO of which Lavazza is the longest standing partner. The proceeds going to support New Horizons, a project for the most vulnerable young people in India (in the Calcutta area). Lavazza has been supporting this project for the last three years through A Cup of Learning, an international programme run by Fondazione Giuseppe and Pericle Lavazza.

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