L'Artigiana del Fungo - artisanal food preserves

The L’Artigiana del Fungo factory was established in 1996 as a familiar workshop producing preserves food.

Then and now, it keeps firm his original guidelines:

  • raw materials quality
  • a careful selection
  • the search of the fresh products which are controlled one by one.

The range of our preserves goes from appetizers to confectionery. You can easily find a sauce or on appetizer that complete your aperitif or a meal, or the perfect present for a special occasion.

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Phone:+39 019720245


Località Aicardi, 9
17046 Sassello (SV)

We bring all the flavors of our land to Your table, but it is with mushrooms that we give our best: we select them, clean them and invade them manually one by one, giving them a unique taste and aesthetic presentation.
That’s why they are so good, so good that in 2015 they were awarded among the 27 best artisanal food and wine creations in Italy by Confartigianato.

Our sauces and appetizers will make every occasion unique, our risottos and pastas will conquer even the most demanding palates.

Because in each of our products we put our secret ingredient: the passion for our territory and its fruits.

In the following pictures we show You a short selection from the wide range of our products:

  • Taggiasca olive sauce (for first courses)
  • Porcino dressing (oil flavored for infusion with porcini mushrooms from Sassello, recognized by the Beigua park authority among the products marked “I Gustosi per Natura”)
  • Piedmontese chillies stuffed with tuna-based batter, or stuffed with olive, caper and anchovy
  • Sardinian artichokes in olive oil

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