The Ancient pork butchery

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Let’s imagine a world in which people eat only genuine products like ours, rich in properties and nutrients, born from safe processes that respect man and the earth.


Master pork butchers for four generations, since grandfather Bruno, armed with a healthy passion and a great desire to rebuild, together with his son Elso, decided to turn the pages of the Second World War with a beautiful, good and local activity. Our profession was born in the post-war period at the foot of the Apuan Alps, in the Serchio Valley, where the large chestnut woods and terraces sown with spelt bear witness to an ancient rural tradition.

With the poor products of his territory, first pedaling a bicycle and then driving an old sidecar up and down the markets and food stores of Garfagnana, Bruno and Elso give life to a thriving business that grows over time. In the Seventies the activity was transferred from the small business near the railway station of Ghivizzano to a more suitable space for the growth of the company. In this new artisan pork processing laboratory Rolando, the grandson of the founder of the family, made his entrance. Today, together with his two sons, he manages the company which is branded Antica Norcineria.

From the production and marketing of typical products such as lard, sausage and soppressata, our family has gradually specialized until it has become a reference brand for all the genuine products of the Media Valle, Garfagnana and surrounding areas.

Today we hand down the peasant memory that was transmitted to us by our ancestors and we spread the culture of eating healthy and well. The passion and the continuous search for quality bind us to the people of the past who have passed on to us a craft that we carry on with the aim of bringing to the tables of true connoisseurs excellent products, born from the union of ancient wisdom and modern processing.


Phone:+39 0583 77008


Via Rinascimento, 6
55025 Ghivizzano (LU)
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