For two generations the Merlin family, with passion, has been dedicated to breeding for meat production. The careful processing takes place directly in our laboratory and the seasoning of the cold cuts in fresh and ventilated places to give our customers a product that is always good and genuine; this ensures that our products maintain all the good taste and flavors of the past.

In addition to our point of sale, present in the company, you can find us in some markets at Km 0 of Verona, where you can buy, in addition to our chicken, pork and beef, ready meals of our production. Of course, we can all visit our website.

We are also producers of Riso Vialone Nano Veronese, a kind of rice cultivated on land irrigated with resurgence water, the first in Italy to be protected with the European I.G.P. trademark.
The strong point of the company is the production with short chain of:

Stortina veronese – Slow Fooum Presidio, a small salami weighing less than two hectograms that is traditionally eaten in the lower Veronese area. The characteristic of the product is linked to the use of noble parts of the pork in the mixture (shoulder, loin, ham and bacon fat) and to the spicing with garlic macerated in white wine.

Other leading products, designed for a quick lunch or dinner, ready, only to regenerate in a couple of minutes:

  • Risotto with Stortina veronese – Presidio Slow Food: Riso Vialone Nano Veronese, fresh Veronese Stortina, meat broth, butter. Cooking: bring at the end of cooking with 100 gr of hot water x 2/3 minutes; add, as you like, a sprinkling of grana cheese and cinnamon.
  • Canelloni with Stortina veronese – Slow Food Presidio and courgettes: fresh pasta, fresh Veronese Stortina, courgettes, béchamel. Cooking: Preheat the oven to 180° x 15 minutes.
  • Mixed bollito with pearà: cover, tongue of beef and cotechino accompanied by pearà (poor sauce typical of the Veronese made with breadcrumbs, fresh ox marrow, meat broth, salt, pepper). Cooking: immerse the bag in hot water and heat x about 10 minutes.
  • Roasted chicken tight with potatoes: chicken and potatoes cooked in low temperature under vacuum, salt, pepper, rosemary, EVO oil. Cooking: preheat the oven to 180° and bake x 15 minutes.


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Via Isolella Bassa, 3 - Frazione Asparetto
37053 Cerea (VR)
veronese stortina

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