The goodness is made of small, simple things: passion, patience and non to afraid of rolling up your sleeves…

Valeria, in her laboratory La Gubana della Nonna, knows this well. She prepares her sweets with the same love with which she would do it, at home, for her loved ones.
Select the absolute quality of the raw materials and works with care. Each grape is cleaned before being soaked in grappa. And no fragment of nutshell can escape her watchful eyes. The haste is useless here: traditional products are born from marked time by slow leavening.

Only natural ingredients!




Via Algida, 63
33049 San Pietro al Natisone (UD)

Friulian flavors and knowledge: we narrate the true essence of the Natisone Valleys.

For years every morning Valeria started to be in search of original and precious recipes, she entered into the kitchens of expert housewives who were still making gubanas and strucchi at home, and took away the secrets of their work. In the evening she was returning to the oven to experience, make and undo, try and try again then.

This is how the flavors of the past can be found today in the Gubana, strucchi and craft cookies of The Gubana della Nonna.

Discover our products:

  • Gubana, the sweet symbol of Friuli, with its characteristic spiral shape
  • Strucchi, delicious fried dumplings
  • Focaccia, a sweet bread for breakfast or tea time
  • Biscuits, many delicious shortcrust pastry specialties, with different, special delicacies

Products from
La Gubana Della Nonna

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The heart of Friuli: Azzida is a tiny dot in a region of Friuli that is already small by itself.

A handful of houses, a pretty little square, the bell tower, the massive of Matajur that whitens with snows in winter. Even if when I look at it see the icing sugar.

I have been researching and selecting only simple and genuine raw materials for thirty years, so we can say : “La Gubana della Nonna (Grandma’s Gubana) represents the goodness of unique things“.

Last modified: 29 May 2022
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