La Granda Quality Food Consortium was founded in 1996, under the direction of Sergio Capaldo, and gave life to a project to relaunch the Piedmontese Bovine Breed and to enhance the consumption of quality meat.

Our breeders follow a strict disciplinary born from the need to respect the balance between environmental well-being, based on guidelines in animal nutrition and natural fertilization of the land, that believe in friendly bacteria, essential for biodiversity, soil fertility and the quality of the fodder; animal welfare, based on cow-calf farms, in which calves are suckled by their mother for about 4-6 months after birth, thus respecting the rhythms of nature, and social welfare, based on the farmer as a central figure in the meat supply chain .

La Granda has brought man, animals and nature back to the center of the food chain, restoring social and economic value to the role of the farmer / breeder, giving the animal the opportunity to grow in a natural and healthy way, to nature the possibility to self-regulate, self-protect above and below ground level. All for the benefit of the meat consumer.


Phone:+39 0172 726178


Via Matteotti, 52
12045 Fossano (CN)
piedmontese cattle

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