La Revolución

The world is changing and the consciences to La Dama leads a necessary change in the world of Tequila.

We take care of our people, the one that has given us tequila generationally but that have never been reciprocated with true fair trade.

We bring educational programs to the communities of our employees, paying fair wages and we also reuse the waste from our production to provide hope.

In our fields we do use no chemists nor pesticides, because we know that our land, resources and people deserve our respect.

We were born here, we grew up in these fields, we are Mexican, from Jalisco, but also citizens of the world who want to preserve a tradition on the right side of the story.
We are committed to being the largest tequila production company without chemicals or pesticides, in the most natural way, as it was before.

We are committed to permanent programs for the conservation of our land, for education and for the future of the following generations, for we believe that true luxury lies in conscience, mastery, patience and dedication.

We are La Dama, we are nature, we are tradition, we are the revolution.


Phone:+39 0125 791104


Via Ribes, 3
10010 Colleretto Giacosa (TO)

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LA DAMA - Compagnia dei Caraibi

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Before we plant a single agave in our fields we first study all the living organisms that conform the cycle of life in this unique ecosystem.
We observe, plan and monitor our agave plantations in balance with this single living organism which we call Mother Earth without interrupting its purpose.

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