La Compagnia di San Giorgio is a young Genoese company operating in the Spirits market.

It was born in 2018 with the launch of the Gin Ma product, the first gin in the world with Genoese Basil PDO.

In 2020 it launches its second product, Pineo Pine Nut Vermouth, a dry vermouth infused with pine nuts.

The two products create the iconic Liguria Martini Cocktail, to be savored with a pine nut at the bottom of the martine glass and a Taggiasca olive, a tribute to the flavors of the Liguria region.

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Via Passo Frugoni, 4/11
16121 Genova (GE)
  • Gin Mä

Inspired by the Gulf of Genoa, Gin Mä is the only distillate that reflects the aromas and flavors of Liguria.
The first Gin in the world that uses the Genoese basil PDO, giving cocktails a truly unique flavor.
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  • Pineo

The Pineo is the Vermouth dry with pure pine nut infusion.
The vermouth tradition leans towards innovation, through its velvety and enveloping taste.
Its particular recipe invites the creation of new cocktails, in perfect combination with the Gin Mä

Liguria to drink!

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