We are a family-run farm that draws on the traditions of the territory and the culture rooted in a past that we jealously guarded. With this fundamental concept that we combine with a true passion for our activity, we maintain our history as a company that today, as in the past, continues to work in the field of breeding and agriculture.

For this reason, we respect those values that have always been part of our family even if we manage to project them towards the future through a constant updating of the production dynamics. We do not want to lose the knowledge that has matured over time, but neither do we want to remain short-sighted in the face of the innovations that technology offers us and that facilitate work, structuring it for the best.


Phone:+ 39 320 035 1590


Via Marambolo
89036 Brancaleone (RC)

The company is located in Brancaleone in the province of Reggio Calabria set like a pearl between the sea and the mountains the green hill is located about 2 km from the coast at the foot of Mount Pellegrino.

Created in 1970 by the passion for animals of Dad Vincenzo over the years the company until 2020, when the green hill was born initially characterized to a breeding of cattle of various breeds.
In 2006 the family Priolo decides to breed only Brown Cows, whose milk presents best qualitative characteristics compared to other breeds’ milk.

All the milk is soon transformed into its own dairy to realize different cheeses, including flavored caciotta, ‘Spring’, ‘Monte Pellegrino’, the semi-seasoned ‘Don Vincenzo’, the provola, the scamorza, or ricotta and mozzarella

Last modified: 21 Jan 2022
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