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The farm La Collina degli Iblei is located in Sicily, in Giarratana, a small village on the Iblei Mountains, in the province of Ragusa.

We are a family-run business, composed of young people, which reconciles the agricultural tradition, handed down to us, with culinary innovation. Quality products and love for what nature offers are our winning recipe.

We mainly cultivate the Giarratana Onion – Slow Food Presidium and we value it at 360°: from sowing to transplanting, from harvesting to transformation.
The clayey soil combined with the local climate create a perfect mix that makes the Giarratana onion unique.
The main characteristic is the sweet taste, but also its size: on average about 500 g, but they can reach and exceed even 2 kg.
It can be enjoyed in various ways: boiled, stuffed, roasted, baked or raw.

We have also created 5 types of preserves:

  • Giarratana Onion with marsala: a sweet taste, is suitable to embellish meat dishes and bruschetta, excellent with cheese;
  • Giarratana Onion with beer, with a sweet and sour taste, is preferred with vegetables, in salads or with roasted meat;
  • Giarratana Onion with grappa: gives an oriental touch to your dishes, thanks to the presence of ginger. It is very versatile and can be combined with meat, fish and cheese;
  • Giarratana Onion in the oven: a simple and tasty preparation that, taking advantage of the natural wateriness of Giarratana onion: allows You to taste its natural sweetness. Excellent as a side dish;
  • Giarratana Onion al naturale: comes from the need to taste the onion in all its integrity, to be used in any preparation. To be consumed after cooking.


We also produce extra virgin olive oil, various vegetables such as garlic, pumpkin, cauliflower, broad beans and legumes such as chickling vetch.

We invest in what we believe in: our territory and the enhancement of its exceptional products.


Phone:+39 339 1954892


Via Giovanni Bovio n. 25
97010 Giarratana (RG)
giarratana onion

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