La Cerca it’s not just an action (Cerca means “to search truffles”) , it’s love for a simple lifestyle, for a genuine personal relationship and for the preservation of authentic flavors.

We want to share with you, the emotion we experience everyday while searching for truffles: the inner peace that comes while entering the woods, the pleasure of felling the soil with our own hands, the happiness in seeing the dogs wagging, the pleasure to be surprised everyday by nature.




Loc. Massa
61043 Cagli (PU)

Sometimes, when people see the name of our company, they smile and nod by seeing that our main activity is selling truffles. Choosing our brand name, we played with the literal meaning of the word “La Cerca” (that means the search of truffles, truffle hunting), but there is much more to say…

Our activity tells a love story about an ancient tradition, handed down from father to son.
It tells the story of a special couple: the dog and his owner,  bound by a great complicity, searching together for that hidden fruit that is worth the efforts and sacrifices.


Last modified: 24 May 2022
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