Koerintji Cinnamon comes from the variety of Cinnamomum Burmannii grown and cultivated by the local Kerinci community, in the southern part of Sumatra. Koerintji Cinnamon earned its long-known reputation due to its especially high concentration of cinnamaldehyde organic compound, which gives stronger flavour and odour than average cinnamon.

Although Koerintji Cinnamon has been exported and traded internationally by the Dutch since 1895, as a matter of fact it has been the local communities who maintain the fertility of soil, natural conservation and preservation of trees. These values have been passed on from generation to generation. The particular natural environment, its soil and climate coupled with local traditional know-how in cultivating the products have contributed immensely to the unique characteristics and taste of Koerintji Cinnamon.

Dried Koerintji Cinnamon barks from branches of wild cinnamon trees are hard and thick. Sticks or quills are obtained from 8-10 years old barks. The barks are sun-dried for up to 4 days and air-dried at room temperature of 26C. After the drying process is completed, barks are cut or ground into coarse or fine powder, depending on the buyers requirements. The thickness of Koerintji Cinnamon sticks or quills is between 1 and 3 mm. Only the highest quality of dried barks can be sold under the protected Geographical Indication name Koerintji Cinnamon.

Established in November 2015, the producers association Masyarakat Perlindungan Indikasi Geografis Kayumanis Koerintji Jambi (MPIG-K2J) is the official GPI lodger of Koerintji Cinnamon. MPIG-K2J represents farmers groups and local cooperatives, which consist of artisans, collectors, individual farmers and traders.


The participation of Koerintji Cinnamon to Terra Madre is sponsored by ARISE+ Indonesia, a technical assistance programme funded by the European Union that aims to strengthen the capacity of government institutions and stakeholders on a wide range of areas within international trade, private sector competitiveness and business environment.

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Phone:+62 813 6617 2968


Mr Yusuf, Head, MPIG-K2J, Jl. Simpang Empat
Kabupaten Kerinci (Jambi)