Vermouth di Torino Institute

The Vermouth di Torino Institute aims to enhance, promote and elevate the quality of Vermouth di Torino and its continued expansion in global markets with all producers working in synergy.

The founding members of the organization are companies and brands that represent the vast majority of the production of this appellation: Berto, Bordiga, Del Professore, Carlo Alberto, Carpano, Chazalettes, Cinzano, Giulio Cocchi, Drapò, Gancia, La Canellese, Martini&Rossi, Sperone, Vergnano, Tosti. Calissano, Casa Martelletti and Peliti’s.

These brands, each with different backgrounds and of varying sizes, are delighted to share common goals and the merit of being part of the growth and promotion process of this new geographical identity.

Vermouth di Torino

Known throughout the world for the tradition and historicity of its production, Vermouth di Torino is an aromatized wine born in the 18th century at the foot of the Alps and appreciated at the royal court of Savoy. Its fame is inextricably linked to Piedmont and Turin, where in 1800 born a real aristocracy of vermouth makers, thanks to which, in different ways, the diffusion of Vermouth di Torino became international, reaching a great resonance all over the world. Over the years we have witnessed the evolution of processing techniques: the new ones have gradually joined the older ones and their coexistence continues to preserve and enhance the traditional production of this product.

Vermouth di Torino is classified according to the quantity of sugar used in its preparation and it can be White, Amber, Rosé or Red.


Via M.Fanti, 17
10128 Torino (TO)

It’s always a Vermouth of Torino time.

Last modified: 26 May 2022
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