Il Poggiolo is an italian farm located in Montecastello di Vibio, Umbria, which is also known as the green heart of Italy.

We have been cultivating fruit and vegetables over generations, following every single step of their evolution accurately, from the seeding to the hand-picking.
The respect for the environment and the Earth is of inspiration in what we do every day with so much dedication: high-quality and healthy food, produced naturally, without any added preservative.

Since 1997, our story and ideals turn into our products. Our pesto, sauces, in oil vegetables and extra jams (don’t miss out our line for cheese), fruit nectars and, queen of italian meals, the tomato sauce, say a lot about us in a dish: a journey to re-discover the pleasure that only a good cooking wakes up.

The discovery of Cesare’s tomato, “Il Pomodoro di Cesare”, best synthetizes our vision and mission, our focus on biodiversity and attention to the territory.

But who is Cesare? And how can one say that the tomato “belongs” to him?

The answer to this question is another, incredibly beautiful, Umbrian story: let’s find it out together!


Phone:+39 0758796030 / +39 3381225421


Via Case Sparse,10/A
06057 Monte Castello di Vibio (PG)

A unique selection of products from top-quality umbrian vegetables.

Our delicacies preserve aroma, color, and original taste of raw materials without any chemical addition: a moment of pleasure to share with your dearest ones.

Check-out our products:

  • Passata of Cesare’s tomato: rustic, ancient and extraordinary, Cesare’s tomato almost disappeared but survived despite adversities. Preserved by us, it’s still here to be tasted!
  • Cesare’s green tomato extra jam: a touch of taste to enrich your dishes or to serve with cheese.
  • In oil Thistles: the gentle taste of the most tender part of thistles, used for many winter traditional dishes.
  • Strawberry extra Jam: the authentic flavour of strawberry, ideal for breakfast, spread o bread and to fill tarts and desserts.

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Azienda Agricola Il Poggiolo

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