Il Poggio del Nonno Piero

My name is Giulia Montina and my farm – Il Poggio del nonno Piero – is located in the Neva Valley, in the hinterland of Albenga.
Like many other villages in Italy, Cisano sul Neva also has its Poggio, that is a place higher than the village, with a rounded shape and gentle slopes, practically a hillock or terrace from where you can admire a splendid 360-degree view of the valley.

Being in contact with nature and the outdoors is something vital for me, so I decided to create a farm that would allow me to cultivate this passion to the fullest.

In addition to growing olives, the primary vocation of these lands, I deal with beekeeping, a profession that I really love. I also grow cut aromas, very fragrant, and aromas in pots, in addition to fruits and vegetables.

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Via Moraire, 11
17035 Cisano sul Neva (SV)

The olive trees are grown on classic Ligurian terraces. I have divided my oil according to the harvesting site:

  • pure Pignola oil
  • pure Taggiasca oil
  • Antiche Cultivar oil, the set of typical Ligurian varieties grown for centuries in my olive groves: Taggiasca, Pignola, Merlina, Carparina, Colombaia, Mortina, Olivotti.

My bees live in a natural environment where they do not encounter any kind of pollution.
I have three types of honey: Millefiori di Montagna, di Cisano, and Il Miele Castiglio: a honey produced thanks to the flowering of chestnut and lime trees.

The olives in brine are hand-picked directly from the tree. Ligurian brine includes the use of “flavors”: rosemary, sage, thyme, laurel. The aromatic plants used are of my own production and not treated.

In the walls of the bands of the olive grove have been planted for some time caper plants. Before the spectacular flowering, I collect the capers and preserve them with sea salt only.

A special jam is that of peppers and chili peppers in variety. Excellent with boiled meats and cheeses or simply on bread.

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