Il Poggio del Nonno Piero

My name is Giulia Montina and my farm – Il Poggio del nonno Piero – is located in the Neva Valley, in the hinterland of Albenga.
Like many other villages in Italy, Cisano sul Neva also has its Poggio, that is a place higher than the village, with a rounded shape and gentle slopes, practically a hillock or terrace from where you can admire a splendid 360-degree view of the valley.

Being in contact with nature and the outdoors is something vital for me, so I decided to create a farm that would allow me to cultivate this passion to the fullest.

In addition to growing olives, the primary vocation of these lands, I deal with beekeeping, a profession that I really love. I also grow cut aromas, very fragrant, and aromas in pots, in addition to fruits and vegetables.

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Via Moraire, 11
17035 Cisano sul Neva (SV)